A l-Muscati Consultancy & Translation (AMCT) is a private company licensed by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in Sultanate of Oman, to provide Consultancy in various technical areas. We provide local consultancy services at an affordable cost while operating to international standards and best practices. 

Types of services offered:

Health and Safety Management Systems

  1. ISO 45001 Occupational H&S preparedness
  2. ISO 14001 Environment preparedness
  3. ISO 31001 Risk Management preparedness
  4. Create or review Health and Safety Management Systems as per Ministry of Manpower requirements
  5. Create or review Ministry of Manpower Emergency Planning as per Ministry of Manpower requirements
  6. HSE Safety Case review – oil and gas
  7. HSE Safety Cases – oil and gas

Health and Safety Focus

  1. HAZOP Studies and Workshops
  2. HAZCON Studies and Workshops
  3. HAZID Studies and Workshops
  4. Risk Assessments
  5. Environmental Risk Assessments
  6. Risk Assessment Capacity Building – Training, Workshops and Review
  7. Fire Escape routes and drawings
  8. Emergency Plans and Procedures – Health and Safety
  9. Emergency Plans and Procedures – Environmental

Site Specific Safety Advice 

  1. Behavioral Based Safety
  2. Office Ergonomics
  3. Workshop Ergonomics
  4. Warehouse Operations- layout and planning for safety
  5. Fire Safety Inspections
  6. School Safety Inspections
  7. Environmental Assessments
  8. Manual Handling Assessments

Safety By Design – all before work starts on site 

  1. Safe to Build
  2. Safe to Operate
  3. Safety to Maintain
  4. Safe to Demolish

Staff Career Path & Development Planning for HS and for Operations & Maintenance 

  1. Training Requirements – vocational and academic
  2. Training Gap Analysis
  3. Training Matrix development
  4. Specifying Training
  5. Course Selection
  6. Mentoring